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Government bodies

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are vouchers sent to recipients?

There are a number of ways you can choose from, these include text message, email and downloading vouchers to distribute (i.e. pdf).

What payment options are available when ordering vouchers?

Orders can be paid for by invoice or card. To find out which cards we accept, please click here

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of vouchers I have to order?

No! You can order as little or as many vouchers as you need.

What merchant’s vouchers are available to purchase?

We work with most high street retailers and national grocery providers. Get in touch for the latest breakdown.

Can I set a custom amount for the vouchers purchased?

You can often set any value over £1.00 although there are sometimes restrictions put in place by the retailer (i.e. only £5, £10, £15 vouchers available).

17,000 schools and counting

  • “I cannot thank you enough for providing such a user friendly website both for parents and for us at school. It has been so easy to provide some of our most vulnerable families with the support they need to purchase food. All communication has been almost instant. Thank you for your incredible hard work.”

    Mr James Watt
    Deputy Headteacher and SENDCo
    Brookside Primary School

  • “It is reassuring to see a company with innovative products, delivering solutions that benefit the Education Sector. Wonde has proven time and again they are a progressive organisation with sound products that deliver.”

    Clive Hammond
    Head of Procurement
    Academies Enterprise Trust

  • “The quality of thought behind the system is incredible. To get that many schools with that many MIS systems, trained in how to use the voucher platform, then to hit the button on ordering and not have any issues - it was nothing short of amazing. (Wonde have been) a real pleasure to work with.”

    Jonathan Lewis
    Service Director - Education
    Cambridgeshire County Council & Peterborough County Council

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